Lunch Session and Panel: Women in Academia and Industry

Joint CGO/HPCA/PPoPP 2018 Session

Tuesday, February 27, pre-panel lunch session (11:45-12:30) and panel discussion (12:35-13:10)

Overview: This year we are organizing a joint CGO/HPCA/PPoPP session for a discussion of women in academia and industry. The session happens during lunch time on Tuesday between 11:45 and 13:15. The sessions begins with discussion tables in the lunch room, where everybody is welcome to join the panelists for a pre-panel discussion during lunch. Then we continue in a separate room with a panel of five panelists.

The Panel

Lunch Session and Panel Schedule

11:45-12:30 Pre-Panel discussion during lunch (45 min) with panelists: 2-3 tables are marked as pre-panel lunch tables and conference attendees are welcome to join the pre-panel discussion with the panelists during lunch before the following panel discussion.
12:30-12:35 walk to panel room
12:35-13:10 Panel (35 min): Women in Academia and Industry (in same room as following keynote)
13:10-13:15 Short break
13:15 Keynote

The following articles serve as background material for the lunch discussion session and the panel: