Real World Domain Specific Languages (RWDSL)

12th March 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Greg Michaelson (Heriot-Watt University), Rob Stewart (Heriot-Watt University)

As the use of computers proliferates, the complexity and variety of systems continues to grow. As a result, it is becoming increasingly inflexible to “hard wire” behaviours into software. Software developers can enable more control over their software configurations by exploiting Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). Such DSLs provide a systematic way to structure the underlying computational components: to coin a phrase, a DSL is a library with syntax. There is an enormous variety of DSLs for a very wide range of domains. Most DSLs are highly idiosyncratic, reflecting both the specific natures of their application domains and their designers’ own preferences. This workshop will bring together constructors of DSLs for “real world” domains; that is, DSLs intended primarily to aid in building software to solve real world problems rather than to explore the more theoretical aspects of language design and implementation. We are looking for submissions that present the motivation, design, implementation, use and evaluation of such DSLs.

ACM have accepted our application for publishing the proceedings from the workshop. Submissions will be published in the ACM Digital Library within its International Conference proceedings Series.

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