Student Travel Grants

NSF Travel Grants (US University Students Only)

The NSF Travel Grant provides financial support to students who currently attend a U.S. University to travel in March 2016 to the CGO, HPCA, or PPoPP symposium in Barcelona, Spain. The amount of support provided to each student from this grant will be determined by each symposium’s organizing committee and might not cover all of your travel expenses. The support will reimburse actual expenses and therefore a cheque will be sent to you after the symposia are over.

If you are awarded travel support from this NSF grant, you will also be provided an international travel insurance policy at no charge to you.

CGO 2016 students who do not currently attend a U.S. university should apply for support from CGO’s Google grant.

Application Instructions

To apply for travel support from this grant, you must provide the following four documents. Zip up all the documents and email to Ron Mak (

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter stating your reason for attending the CGO, HPCA, or PPoPP symposium and a description of research interests.
  3. A letter from your advisor that:
    • Confirms your eligibility to attend the CGO, HPCA, or PPoPP symposium.
    • Recommends that you attend the symposium.
    • Endorses your potential for research.
  4. A completed Request for Approval of Travel (RAT) form (instructions below).
Documents are due January 31, 2016.

RAT Form Instructions

  1. Download and print out the RAT Form
  2. Near the top of the form, check the “Other” box and specify “CGO attendee”, “HPCA attendee” or “PPoPP attendee”.
  3. Fill in Today’s Date.
  4. Complete the following sections:
    1. Traveller and Trip Information
      • Traveller Name
      • Position/Title: “Student”
      • Phone Number
      • Email
      • Home Address
      • Travel Dates
      • Purpose of Travel: “Attend CGO 2016 conference”, “Attend HPCA 2016 conference”, or “Attend PPoPP 2016 conference”
      • Destination: “Barcelona, Spain”
    2. Estimated Expenses
      • Enter estimates for Transportation, Registration Fees, Lodging, Meal, and Other.
      • Enter the same amount for Total and for Amount Estimated.
    3. Travel Advance
      • Leave this section blank.
    4. Authorization Signatures
      • Student sign and date for Traveller only.
      • Leave the rest of this section blank.
  5. Scan the completed and signed form, and save as a PDF.
  6. Zip up all four documents, and email to Ronald Mak (

International travel insurance

If you are awarded travel support from the NSF grant, the California State University (CSU) system will purchase an international travel insurance policy for you at no charge to you. (The cost will be paid by the grant.) Details about the policy:

The San Jose State University Research Foundation administers the NSF grant, and San Jose State University is a campus of the CSU.

Google Travel Grants (All Students, including US)

For information about Google Travel Grants available for all students, please visit this website: