Artifact Evaluation


Authors of accepted papers will be invited to formally submit their supporting materials to the Artifact Evaluation process. The Artifact Evaluation process is run by a separate committee whose task is to assess how the artifacts support the work described in the papers. This submission is voluntary and will not influence the final decision regarding the papers. Papers that go through the Artifact Evaluation process successfully will receive a seal of approval printed on the papers themselves.

Please visit this website for this years AEP: CGO AEP

Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to make these materials publicly available upon publication of the proceedings, by including them as “source materials” in the ACM Digital Library.

Here is a list of accepted artifacts for CGO’16:

  • Sparse Flow-Sensitive Pointer Analysis for Multithreaded C Programs
    Yulei Sui, Peng Di and Jingling Xue
  • Trace-based Affine Reconstruction of Codes
    Gabriel Rodriguez, Jose M. Andion, Mahmut Kandemir and Juan Tourino
  • Exploiting Mixed SIMD Parallelism by Reducing Data Reorganization Overhead
    Hao Zhou and Jingling Xue
  • Validating Optimizations of Concurrent C/C++ Programs
    Soham Chakraborty and Viktor Vafeiadis
  • Atomicity Violation Checker for Task Parallel Programs
    Adarsh Yoga and Santosh Nagarakatte
  • A Basic Linear Algebra Compiler for Structured Matrices
    Daniele G. Spampinato and Markus Puschel
  • BlackBox: Lightweight Security Monitoring for COTS Binaries
    Byron Hawkins, Brian Demsky and Michael Taylor
  • Exploiting Recent SIMD Architectural Advances for Irregular Applications
    Linchuan Chen, Peng Jiang and Gagan Agrawal
  • Range Analysis of Pointers
    Vitor Paisante and Fernando Pereira
  • Flexible On-Stack Replacement in LLVM
    Daniele Cono D’Elia and Camil Demetrescu
  • Inference of Peak Density of Indirect Branches to Detect ROP Attacks
    Mateus Felipe Tymburiba Ferreira, Rubens Emilio Alves Moreira and Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira