A visa may be required to enter Spain for some nationalities.  Please check with your local Spanish embassy/consulate whether or not this applies to you. In case a visa is required, please apply as soon as possible, as obtaining the visa may take several weeks.  Visit the following website for more information:

Invitation Letter

If you require an invitation letter, there are two options available:

(1) An Invitation Letter from the General Chair

Please send the following information with the request for an invitation letter to the General Chair (

CGO’16 paper number and title:
Title (MR./MS./DR./etc):
First name:
Family name /surname:
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Address line 3:
Address line 4:
Postal code/Zip:
Passport No:
Issuing country:

Please note that this letter is only for visa purposes.

(2) Support Letters

If a further Visa support letter is required, please contact the ACM here: