Program Transformation for Programmability in Heterogeneous Architectures (PROHA)

12th March 2016 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Manuel Carro (IMDEA Software Institute and Technical University of Madrid)

Adapting code initially written in a “neutral” algorithmic style to be executed in heterogeneous architectures (featuring e.g. GPGPUs, FPGAs), and later maintaining it, is a difficult and error-prone task.  It requires knowledge about the programming model of the destination architecture, about what the original code does, and about the execution environment.  The situation is even worse when the same code needs to run in different platforms or when different sections of the same application ought to run (for, e.g., time or resource optimization purposes) in different architectures.  Assistance in (and, if possible, automation of) the process of code adaptation is of course advantageous and needs knowledge and reasoning capabilities similar to those that human programmers have.  This workshop will focus on techniques and foundations to make it possible to perform source-to-source code transformations which preserve the intended semantics of the original code aiming at producing code which is better suited to be executed in different target architectures.

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