Travel Support For Eligible Students

CGO 2017 is now offering travel support for students attending US or non-US universities. Each application and the grant amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis (i.e., funding is NOT guaranteed). To apply for reimbursement, there are two options:

NSF Grant

Information for how to apply for an NSF grant can be found here


Information for how to apply for a SIGPLAN grant can be found here

Additional Funding

In addition to the NSF and SIGPLAN funding, a small amount of additional funding is available for student support and grants from this funding will be granted on a case-by-case basis. To apply for this funding, please submit the following to Brandon Lucia (

  • A resume
  • A cover letter stating the student’s reason for attending the CGO or PPoPP symposium and a description of his or her research interests.
  • Confirmation of the student’s resources and amounts of funding to travel to the symposium. (In the past, this included estimated travel expenses.)
  • A letter from the student’s advisor that:
    • Recommends that the student attend the CGO or PPoPP symposium.
    • Confirms the student’s eligibility to attend the symposium.
    • Endorses the student’s potential for research.