Travelling to Chamonix

From International Airports

Chamonix Mont-Blanc is situated at 88km from Geneva-Cointrin International airport; 220km from Lyon-St-Exupery Intenational airport and 171 km from Turin-Caselle International airport.

Daily public transport services

Shuttles dedicated to the conference

Some shuttles will be organized from/to Geneva airport to the hotels we selected. The related information will be available soon through the same website as for the hotel reservation.

Public Shuttles & Cabs

More shuttle transfer options can be found here.

Note that cab transfer from the airport to Chamonix can be quite expensive at night. (~240€ for night rate after 6:30pm).

Access by road

Getting to your hotel

Town map

VISA & Travel Documents:

You can check the official Do I need a VISA webpage for visa information.

For short stay of less than 90 days, a Visa is not required for:

French VISA and Switzerland

Schengen VISA

By requesting a French VISA at the French Embassy, you will be granted a Schengen VISA which allow you to enter Switzerland as well, granting access to both the french sector and the switzerland sector of the airport.
If you do not require a visa to enter France, you should neither need one to access switzerland.

From your flight

France-only VISA

In the unlikely case you have gbeen ranted access only to France but not Switzerland (for non Schengen VISA), the Geneva airport has a French sector that allows you to rent a car or take a cab in France without entering Switzerland at all.
More information about the French Sector can be found here.
You will also get some help and directions at the "Accueil France" desk of the airport.

Letter of Invitation

If you need a letter of invitation, please send a request to Danièle Herzog.

* Most of the documentation and maps from this webpage comes from the website from the Office de Tourisme de Chamonix.