Charter for the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation Optimization (CGO) 

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Mission Statement

Steering Committee Members


Term: 3 years

Term limits: None


Number of members on the steering committee

Current membership

Steering Committee Chair

All of the responsibilities of a steering committee member, plus:

Term: 3 years

Term limit: Cannot be elected to consecutive terms, but eligible for re-election thereafter.


Annual Chairs

The program chair(s) and the general chair(s) are collectively the annual chairs for the purposes of this charter.


Manage the annual conference, including:


Elections and Other Changes

Conference Proposal Procedure

The next year's conference call for papers should be presented at the business meeting and distributed at the conference. The following should be part of the CFP:

Proposals for future conferences should be handled as follows:

The current charter was ratified on 4/28/2010 by the serving steering committee:

Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai
David August
Carol Eidt
Mary Hall
Kim Hazelwood
CJ Newburn
Ben Zorn

The original charter was ratified on 8/15/2001 by the following steering committee:

Brad Calder
Jong-Deok Choi
Tom Conte
Evelyn Duesterwald
CJ Newburn
Mike Smith