Architectures and Systems for Real-time Mobile Vision applications (ASR-MOV)

12th March 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Bruno Bodin (University of Edinburgh), John Mawer, (University of Manchester), Luigi Nardi (Imperial College London)

The increased processing capability of mobile and embedded platforms is enabling more and more ambitious machine vision applications.  Industry players are actively pushing embedded vision in the entertainment, automotive and robotics domains. Mobile vision couples high computational requirements with the heterogeneous power constrained systems. This makes it an ideal platform on which to evaluate, amongst other things, processor architectures, memory efficiency, resource scheduling, mapping, and energy efficient techniques. The ASR-MOV workshop intends to bring together system researchers to discuss how the requirements of real-time mobile vision applications impact on tools, architectures and systems.

Keynote: Calin Cascaval, Qualcomm Symphony: Orchestrating Heterogeneity for Power Aware Computing

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