Travel Support for Eligible Students

Travel Support for Eligible Students

CGO 2014 is now offering travel support for students. Each application and the grant amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis (i.e., funding is NOT guaranteed). The deadline for submitting travel funding applications is February 1st. Please send them by email in PDF format to Ramon Canal(

The travel grant application must include:

resume (including IEEE and/or ACM student membership numbers if available)
cover letter explaining reasons for attending CGO (including if you are paper)
a letter of recommendation from the student’s academic advisor
estimate of conference-related expenses to be funded

Declaration of consent to CGO organizers to provide Google with his/her name, email and affiliation if receiving Google funds. Plus, permission to Google to contact him/her once with a congratulatory email and, later, for opportunities if needed. If a student does not want to be contacted, he/she should state that, but that would exclude him/her from this particular grant.

Expenses eligible for reimbursement:

hotel (including internet service)
conference registration
meals – up to $100 per day
local transportation (rental car, taxi, etc.) – up to $150

In order to get reimbursed, the student will have to present original receipts and fill out the travel expense claim form (we will provide the form at a later time).